Hello minna. Nice to meet you. Hahaha, I have finally made my mind about this blog. So I will make this blog as my fanfiction house, especially for Super Junior fanfics. The pairing I ship mostly are KyuHyuk, HaeHyuk, and maybe WonKyu. So sorry for official OTP lovers, I think I like writing crack pairs.

Ah, and even though I am not new in wordpress, but I am one brand new in SJ fanfiction. I read lots of them but never once writing one. I’ll begin sooner or later. So, once again nice to meet you. Anyeonghaseo (is that right?)

Before I have written One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach fanfics. I hosted them on

What I really hate is silent reader. I tend to stop writing a multichapter fic when I get many subscription notification emails, but only very few of them reviewing. It is like rubbing salt on an open wound.

I maybe write in English and Bahasa, and request is welcomed. As long as I like the pair you requested and NO smut. Just NO.


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