Shimshimtapa 110813, Eunhyuk Bullied Again

This one bully went a bit too far I guess. I mean,  I saw that Eunhyuk looked a bit effected by their words. SJ members kept calling him ugly and has less skill in singing. Well, in this event it seemed Shindong did most the talk, and honestly I feel a little resentment toward him by this video. He even bluntly said that by this even it was confirmed that Eunhyuk looks less good than Ryeowook, and has less singing skill than Shindong.

We fans don’t know how they are in real lives, how they personally are. I just hope that what Eunhyuk didn’t effected by their mockeries, just like what people claim. Because when someone says you are ugly, even though you say you are cool with it and even think you are okay, deep down you are effected, at least that happens to me. Keep mocking someone may results broken self-esteemed.

I personally hope they quit with this kind of joke. But, once again we don’t know who are them off cam.

Credit to the uploader

Oh, and I think Eunhyuk is far from ugly, he is cute. They males may be thinking that he has no quality in appearance, but we females are not males hence our perspective of looks are so much different.


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