Suspicious K-Pop Pairing

I get this idea after reading a certain post, or comment, on a website about RicSung which basically said that RicSung is actually kinda suspicious. Well, almost all fanservices of course intended to flip us, fangirls, crazy and screaming. I definitely get giddy and somewhen giggle and chuckle whenever I see cute fanservices. But then, what I want to say suspicious is not the fanservices, it is the idols’ reactions which are shown outside fanservice environment.

For this post I just get two pairing which look suspicious enough. First is the ever famous EunHae (or I prefer HaeHyuk). I saw a strange reaction from Eunhyuk when Junjin and Andy pecked in Shinhwa Broadcast (the unbroadcasted scene). Yes he was surprised just like the others, but something in his eyes is different than the others. In that scene we can see Kyuhyun and Yesung’s reactions as well. They equally surprised, but it just a simple surprise expression you do when you see two grown men peck each other, nothing more, no further thought. But try see Eunhyuk’s expression. Yes he was surprise, but he looks kinda.. how should I put it? Anxious maybe? And what more? Yesung spontaneously turned to Eunhyuk after the kissing and laughed so hard, almost on Eunhyuk’s face. That the most suspicious string I think.

And one more video on youtube, the video shown an interview or like press announcement where some of SJ stood behind the rest who sat before them. Eunhyuk was standing and Donghae was sitting. At one point, Donghae’s hand went behind and it was approximately around Eunhyuk’s thighs. Siwon beside Eunhyuk smiled silently and Yesung once again show us the most by saying “Jeongmal” and sternly and scoldingly point to Hae’s general direction before slapping Hae’s hand away. And Hae just grinned.

As for Ricsung, I don’t know much about them, I am not even SHCJ (though I am a fan of Hyesung) so I am sorry of I get it wrong. In a Shinhwa broadcast episode, Eric challenge Hyesung to choose between him and Dongwan. Being oil and water maybe, Hyesung forcedfully decided Dongwan. But his eyes! Right after saying Dongwan’s name with thightly closed eyes, he peeked to Eric with his head down a bit. It looked like he was afraid of hurting Eric’s feeling. It’s understandable though since they are in one group. But Eric’s expression, he didn’t even smile while Dongwan cheered loudly for himself. I mean, It was a variety show, all of them should be funny and happy, but Eric clearly didn’t try to cover his disappoinment. And his heartbeat increased after that.

I think that’s all. One more thing I want to clear out that this post is solely on my perspective, my crazy fangirl mind which is so loving these pairs and delusionally think them as suspicious. I don’t think it’s true, I just like thinking like that. Heehee


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