Andy’s FLV Joiner 0.6

This is different than any other posts I ever write, yet I hope it will be useful for those who like downloading videos of their bias on YouTube which mostly separated in several parts.

It’s not that annoying to play all the video parts one by one, manually, or putting them in one playlist so the videos will be automatically played in your video player whenever one part is finished playing. But wouldn’t it be much more convenient to bind all the files and play it continuosly WITHOUT any delay/pause, just as it is a whole and full video from the start? Not from several parts? I tell you from experience, it muuuuch greater. I feel like floating (exagerate expression, sorry my english not that good ==’)

So, as I am a maybe ShinHwa Changjo and maybe ELF, I not so seldomly meet with a show (mostly varieties) on YouTube which had been uploaded into several parts (the least I have encountered is 4 parts). I put them in a folder for each show. But then it gets old for me.

You can try this maknae Andy’s FLV Joiner 0.6 (oh the concidence XD). The software is very light, just 69 or 70 kb. Note to mind though, this software IS NOT a converter software, it is a FLV binding software. I don’t know if it works for other file formats.


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