[EPIC STORIES] Vicious SHCJ and Mischievous Shinhwa


This is a story about fans’ encounters with Shinhwa not long after their debut.

1. Once after the recording of a music program, the other singers all zoomed off in their vehicles. There were a group of fans of various singers waiting there at that time, including about 5 Shinhwa fans. Fans of the other singers were upset that they didn’t get to see their idols and started to cry.

At that time Eric’s vehicle drove out and stopped for a while, and then the 5 Shinhwa fans surrounded the vehicle and screamed for Eric to get out, and Eric had no choice but to meekly alight and receive their gifts from them… The crying fans saw this scene and started to laugh instead…

2. There were a couple of fans waiting outside Shinhwa’s dormitory to catch a glimpse of the guys, and were having jajangmyeon (black beanpaste noodles) when they felt drops…

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