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신화컴퍼니SHINHWA COMPANY@ShinhwaCompany

I’m an official administrator GRJ. SHINHWA’s 14th annivesary is coming up already. Say somthing interesting, impressive stories for 14years.

Aku adalah administrator resmi GRJ. Ulang tahun Shinhwa keempat belas akan segera tiba. Ceritakan sesuatu yang menarik, mengesankan selama 14 tahun.

[에릭 Eric] 1997년 방배동 숙소와 연습실에서 연습생시절 우리를 BST라고 부르며 항상 따라다니던 최초 3명의 팬들! 그중에 한명은 정미였던거같고..(정미씨 계세요?) 그 땐 셋 다 교복입고 있었는데 지금은 어디서 어떻게 있는지 궁금하네~

[Eric] During our trainee days in 1997, at the management company office and rehearsal studio in Bangbae-dong, our first 3 fans who called us BST and always followed us around! One of them was Jungmi, I think.. (Jungmi-sshi, are you here?) Back then the 3 of you were still wearing your school uniforms, I’m curious about where you are now and what you are doing~

[ERIC] Pada masa training kami tahun 1997, di kantor manajemen dan studio latihan…

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