Shin Hyesung Looks Really Pretty Like A Woman

In Shinhwa Broadcast episode 8, kids channel, the Shinhwa members had to undergo another embarrassing thing. This time the kids guested the show would styling them. The kids of course ecstatic to make up them and picking their clothes. The kids for sure used everything caught their eyes on the make up table, and the wardrobe room. One thing though amazed me was that the kids who were putting up Hyesung’s make up made him looked really pretty. The boy event commented that he looked like a woman. And no kidding, he was really pretty. Here one screenshot I captured.

Just see his eyelashes and his lips. T__T

I ever read one thing about Hyesung that he makes women stop looking at their mirror, maybe that writing means something like this. I think he really can be passed as a real woman. So pretty T__T


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