Shinhwa Broadcast with Female Guests

I always thought that every k-shows which mainly featured male groups would be not as interesting if they invited female guests. But apparently for Shinhwa it is not the case. As far as I know there were 3 channels where Shinbang have female guests. The family arcade, fashion channel, and Anipang. While it tends to make me disturbed with famous female appearances, they actually GREAT! The family arcade has entertainer females, whom they really knew how to make variety show interesting. Personally I even thought Shinhwa was overshadowed by them ==’. Anipang one, they invited anipang champions. I don’t really favor that episode, I mean they less funny here. Maybe because the change of format. I successfully kept my face straight.

The most funny channel with female guests is fashion channel. The show featured top models in Korea. And somehow I really like the models too. They are really professional. I like how they act through the show. And here initially I opposed really hard to not downloading the episodes. And now those two episodes (30 and 32) are my favorite so far. What I really like from the models are that through the show, gradually they can keep up with Shinhwa. Eric’s partner even felt comfortable enough to throw tantrum on him. Junjin’s partner scolded him for being distracted when shopping clothes. Dongwan’s partner showed her funny self when appealing the top 3 members, together with Dongwan she danced silly in her chair. Really love the episodes, a must watch!


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