Kim Dongwan In Cheer Up Mr. Kim

I have watched the first episode of Cheer Up Mr. Kim where Kim Dongwan is the main character. Normally I am not interested in dramas, but since I’ve become a bit of Shinhwa Cangjo so I decided to try watching it. It is a family themed drama, with twists of cultural conflict and company leadership fight (those are what I got from wathing only the first episode).

My first impression, this drama is heartwarming. And it is really rare for a drama to affect me. I feel affected right in the middle of the episode where Dongwan (I don’t remember the names yet) offered the little girl a piggyback to cheer her up.

Kim Dongwan personality matches with the character he portrays. All smiley face even when facing problem. Some scene he looks really cute. Like when his sister-in-law said that she wouldn’t agree if there was a boy with them since she has a teenager daughter. And here we are talking about a 33 years old man ==’.

I remember that in Shinhwa Broadcast episode 30, fashion channels, some of the models said that they developed a feeling for Dongwan, like they wanted to protect him. That exactly what I felt after watching this first episode. Especially in the preview of the second episode, he looked really… puppy-ish. I really want to protect him X3.

Kim Dongwan fighting!

Verdict: I don’t think I will watch this drama vigorously since naturally I am not into family drama. But it worth watching. I definitely download the next episodes and watch it frequently as long as the fansubbers release the episodes. Maybe after the plotline clears I will watch it passionately.


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