Shinhwa Broadcast Episode 7 [Recap]

Shinhwa broadcast episode 7, kids channel, featuring children with a range of age 4 – 8 years old. But as far as I know Korean calendar adding one year for people’s age. I ever heard that when a Korean baby born, his/her age already counted as one year old. So the kids should be 3 – 7 years old. As the channel’s name, Shinhwa members were challenged to take the hearts of the kids to win every segment. Of course there would be penalty waiting for the losers.

This channel was parted into two episodes, this post will only review the first episode of the channel, episode 7.

The episode began with Shinhwa member recognition test. There was a large picture of Shinhwa members and the kids would guess the member names by sticking the papers which had been printed with the member names. The test actually didn’t work out since none of the kids recognized Shinhwa members. Hyesung commented that it was more like guessing/lucky test rather than recognation test. Under Hyesung’s face there were three Andys, while Andy got many of Erics as well. The kids were confident when putting them though.

The banner before recognition test

The next was promoting Shinhwa, where all the members attempted to appeal the kids. Eric tried with candies, but he threw them on the kids and some of them got hit on their heads. Thankfully none cried, but Eric knew he did a mistake. Junjin tried with looking cool by rotating a book with his index finger tip. The kids were impressed by that, but it didn’t last long since they started messing with ‘Junjin’ name. Dongwan didn’t do something in particular but the kids kept shouting that he looked like Mitum’s dad (Mitum is one of the kids and apparently his father is an actor/entertainer also). Minwoo appeared bringing buble maker, and of course he won the kid’s attention. Hyesung came with his crutches and the kids looked at him with pity, later he put his crutches and giving the kids red roses. They rushed to him and took the flowers given to them, but then the youngest (3 years old) came up the stage late and Hyesung was already run out of flowers. His reaction was cute XD. Then Andy’s turn came, he didn’t prepare anything special, only his phone and his name written on the display. I don’t really get it why, but the kids seemed having a culture shock after reading Andy’s name. Haha ==’a.

Andy showing how to spell his name.

After they finished, the six of them stood on the stage in front of the kids and the kids would choose their favorite ahjussi by giving a candy. Junjin got 4, Hyesung got 3. Minwoo got 2, and the rest got 1. Eric was humiliated here, one of the kids (Gabriel) was told that he looked like Eric yet he didn’t choose Eric. In the final he said that Eric looked like a construction worker from Afrika. And one kid even said he was the ugliest. I bet no one ever said that to Eric since he was probably the most popular to women among them.

Gabriel, whom Minwoo thinks that he looks like Eric.

The next parts was the members had to appeal the kids with their convincing expression given to various situation. Junjin clearly won here. While Dongwan didn’t get any kid in all expression.

The last was the members singing to the kids and the kids would assess their performance with the value from 1 -100. Hyesung made a big mistake, he chosed a very low-tuned song, so it came out embarrassing even for Eric. And Hyesung is the lead singer. Really, when you hear how he sung it, it was really funny and yes, embarrassing. The ‘magic magic magic’ was too low and Junjin even commented it sounded like a tiger-mimicking sound. It wouldn’t be as embarrassing if Hyesung wasn’t the lead vocal.

I think it was the first Eric say something like that about Hyesung’s singing ==’

That’s it, the episode continues to episode 8. See you in the next review.

You can download the episode here: Orangebox


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