Shinhwa Broadcast Episode 8 [Recap]

Episode 8 of Shinhwa Broadcast is the part two of Kids Channel, the firs part is in episode 7.

Continuing the episode before, now Shinhwa members were going to have lunch with the kids. The members sat on the floor picnic-style. Once again, this worked like a popularity vote. The children came out one by one and chose their favorite member to have a lunch with. The funny thing is some of the members got emotional for some kids. Dongwan even sincerely looked touched when finally one kid picked him.

The result. Junjin had 4 kids, Hyesung 3 kids, Minwoo 2 kids, the rest got one each.

Eric even feed the kid he was with, just like a father to his son. Warming! And the kid who was with Eric gave a kimbab to Hyesung.Hahaha, Ricsung detected XD

After having lunch, it was time for story-telling. The members parted into three groups means each group has two members. Junjin-Hyesung, Minwoo-Dongwan, and Eric-Andy. Unexpectedly, Eric-Andy was the best! I personally thought it would be Dongwan-Minwoo or at least Junjin-Hyesung. Minwoo and Dongwan are the best combination with their variety senses, while Hyesung was with Junjin. Their score even was the best out of the three groups.

There was a minus-rule in the story-telling. The score decided by how many kids raise their hands to vote for their story, but their score would be decreased by the minus points during the story-telling. The minus point was given when the kids distracted, yawn, leave their place, or sleep. Sleep got them -30 points.

I don’t know what was wrong with JinSyung story-telling but the kids cannot stay still hearing the story. Maybe they were already bored with the first two stories brought by the previous teams so they were feeling to make some chaos. The other teams even encouraged the kids to yawn and SLEEPING. JinSyung team was really in a trouble. The youngest even crying. Hahaha.

Eric and Andy were having mental collapse to prepare their story. Their story was really embarrassing, thinking about it gave them mental collapse.

The kids slept, brought nightmare-ish moment for jinSyung.

Maiden even cried. Hahaha, big humiliation for Jinsyung XD

Junjin confused, what was wrong with their story? Oh the expression

DongWoo expression when the PD announced their score. 100 point – 95 attitude point. They got only 5.

JinSyung reaction when the PD announced their score. 50 point – 385 attitude point. They got -335. MANZEEE!!! Hahahahaha

Definitely brought Junjin and Hyesung down, remember they were in the first and second place before.

The last segment was the kids would be their stylish. No further ado, check out their NEW style!





Junjin, and one of his stylish’s


The winner of this round was Eric, understandable. I thought it a close call between Eric and Hyesung. Eric’s face looked more… colorful.

The winner for this channel was Eric, followed by Dongwan, Hyesung, Junjin, and Andy and Minwoo were in the fifth places together. The penalty was distributing  Shinbang fliers to the streets! Enjoy~


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