Ballerino Challenge for Shinhwa in Shinhwa Broadcast

I only watched the cuts from other fans and the episode will crack me up really good. The cuts already made me giggled, since it was 12 am and I really need to hold back my laughter as to not wake my father up.

My favourite part is when Hyesung, Junjin, and Andy had to do the ballet jump. It was said as simple jumps by the teachers, but still they did it very funny. I even rolled on the floor literally while holding my laughter. The teacher said beforehand that the point of the jump was that the toes should point at the ground. And apparently the only focus of Hyesung in his try was jump and toes pointing, no grace whatsoever. The other two did it funny too, but Hyesung was the most ridiculous. He looked like a frog, and his soles even clapping.

Left group try for basic jump. See Hyesung?

And when their group try for turning, Hyesung once again made Junjin amazed. Not with his well-done turning, but his amazing hair management skill even when turning so fast. Why am I not surprised? ==’

Junjin amazed by Hyesung’s hair management skill when turning.


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