WAS ELF, Am Shinhwa Changjo

I was ELF, not a hardcore one though. But I was pretty sure to stalk those oppadeul with their activities. Pictures posted and showed in my Twitter timeline, and I loved every update of ELF fan-account. Until one update change my way to become a Shinhwa Changjo, and utterly abandon oppas in SuJu. I am sorry oppadeul, Shinhwa ahjussideul are way loveable to ignore XD.

That fateful update was “Shinhwa Broadcast Episode 28-29 with Super Junior guest!”

As a responsive ELF I was, I jumped to my laptop and searched the internet for the show download links. I found them on youtube by one fansite. Downloaded them without a second thought. At that time I was completely blind about Shinhwa. I know Shinhwa by the name, but not the members, not their songs, none, not anything at all.

I watched it after the downloads finished. At first, I felt nothing about Shinhwa members, they just like any other people, like a background. I focused solely on SJ oppas. I don’t know my self since when I started noticed Hyesung’s pretty face. He is so pretty. Give him a wig and he can be passed as a woman with that small face and small mouth. And since I am a fujoshi with high-sensitivity fu-radar (don’t mind this term), I automatically crazy over him. I looked on internet about Hyesung and his possibility pair, and it is Eric. I searched for Eric, and yes they are good together, physically they matched greatly.

Despite that exclusive personal reason, I found their long-run as a group very amazing. They can keep their friendship and never disband in this 14 years. They did great jobs in keeping themselves together as a group, especially Eric. He is the best leader in my opinion, after all he did for Shinhwa. I wouldn’t expect that side of him if I just watch him from Shinbang.

What makes them more lovable is how they act in Shinhwa Broadcast. Showing their true self brings us laughter. They are completely dorks. I watched SJ varieties and they are funny, but this, Shinhwa is in different level. I watched their interviews on Youtube also, and I have never seen interviews more hectic than theirs. They don’t laugh in their seats, they scattered around the room laughing. Really love them.

Shinhwa changjo most filled with aunties I guess, although new and younger fans (like me) number increasing now. I hope this Orange Empire will get big world wide. 😀

Keep vote them on MAMA changjos!


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