I Hope Shinhwa Wins Those 2 Categories in Mama They Are Nominated In

I really hope Shinhwa will win those two categories. Many say that this all not about award. This is a prove, that event though they are old idols they are not behind the new idols. A prove that Shinhwa Changjos still a great force and one that not to be looked down. I am a new changjo, but I love Shinhwa nonetheless and feeling protective of them.

Many joke on twitter, saying ‘What is Shinhwa?’

I don’t know if they sincerely didn’t know, but a k-pop fans it is almost imposibble. Seeing so many Shinhwa Broadcast being a world wide talks. But then I ever saw a tumblr saying:

Bash Shinhwa? Well, come back again to me after your group lasts for 14 years.

I definitely agree with that.

So I really hope for Shinhwa to win. To show the world they are the true legend, and they are not behind the younger boyband.


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