Shinhwa Forever Fansub Went Down

A sad message from Shinhwa Forever fansub team:

We will no longer be publicly sharing our videos.

From now on videos will only be for the subteam and those who actively contribute to the progress of the videos.

We have voiced our frustrations time and time again and asked for your patience and respect, but even to this day we are still being harassed.

We are people too and we are not obligated to sub videos for others. We chose to do it. It was a choice. And now we are faced with making this difficult choice. It is not something that is easy for us to do, but we have been put into this situation over and over again this year and we have finally had enough.

People have pushed us to our limit. Not a day goes by that we aren’t spammed with countless requests and complaints here, on our forum, and our twitter, youtube, facebook, and email accounts. People even complain to us on our own personal accounts. Even when we do release videos, if it’s not the ones that people want they complain to us. “Why are you subbing Hyesung’s old videos and old SB episodes? Where the hell are the new ones!” “Cheer Up Mr. Kim? Stop wasting your time on that boring drama and do SB instead since you’re so behind. KBS world will sub it anyways. Waste of your time…” “SB 23? Omg FINALLY after 4 freaking months!! Talk about slow…” We did not even want to sub Episode 23. We only did it because so many people kept asking us for it.

Every other week we see people stealing and reuploading our videos as their own. We kindly ask them to take it down and they just ignore our messages and mark us as spam. And when we flagged their videos, they went and flagged ours. There are even people pretending to be subbers and joining our team to steal our videos. And just this week we asked for you to give us a break for the time being, and you still will not let us. “Grow up.” “Stop being so immature.” “You are not considering how fans feel by just pulling the plug like this.” “Don’t you think you’re disrespecting all international fans by doing this?” “Well if you’re closing down, you should hand this over to other, real Shinhwa fans who are willing to do what you can’t.” “Stop whining and complaining and learn to deal with this shit. I followed you guys for updates and videos not to see you guys whine all the time.” “You guys are the whiniest fan-subbing group I have ever seen in my life.” 

We get messages like this EVERYDAY. You may not see them but we do. You may not have to deal with them, but we do. We are sorry we are not a big and speedy fan-subbing group like the others around. We are sorry we can’t release our subs in a predetermined, specific amount of time. We are seriously undermanned and overstressed. We have 2-6 people at a time doing the jobs of 20-30 people. We are sorry we don’t have all the time in the world to sit at home and sub videos for you to enjoy. We are sorry we don’t only sub the videos you would like us to do. We are sorry we aren’t thick-skinned enough to shake off these rude comments. We are people too. Imagine coming home to an inbox full of these messages everyday. How would you feel?

You think we like writing these long letters? You don’t think we try to hold it in and ignore it? Well, if you’re sick of seeing us complain all the time then fine, you don’t have to anymore. Nor will you see our videos.

Ask yourselves why both Orangebox and Shiareagy also quit subbing SB. Though they were going through some things, they were also faced with problems of people stealing their videos and constantly pressuring them to sub. Even Axerine and Thorpegda who diligently sub Shinhwa Broadcast clips every week right after they are aired, are met with the most ridiculous complaints and attacks in their chatbox and twitter and youtube accounts. And now Thorpegda has also stopped subbing. You have driven us all to this point.

We are truly sorry to those who have supported us all this time, but we really cannot take it anymore. We are privating our videos but that does not mean that we love Shinhwa any less than when we first started out. But just because we love our guys doesn’t mean we are obligated to work our asses off to be treated like this.

Although this tumblr is still open, please do not leave us any messages here. We will not respond to them. This will only be kept open for people to watch the older videos.

Please don’t spend your time attacking each other because of this or spreading more negativity. We do not want our actions to cause such effects in the SHCJ family. Instead, channel your energy in a positive way. Kindly remind others to always be courteous and to treat others the way they’d like to be treated to prevent future situations like this. Learn how you can help out and improve the situation. We have plenty of subbing tutorials already made that you can use to learn to try and help out. But please do not attempt to just join us to have access to the videos. We will be paying close attention to who actually contributes and who doesn’t.

Until we can build our subteam to the point where we can steadily release videos, we will not be releasing any of our work to the public. Although it pains us to have to do this, we have no choice.

SF Subs

A sad news brought down upon us Shinhwa Changjos, and Shinhwa broadcast viewers. Let’s this becomes a lesson for us. Respect people who have done a great and hard job, without hoping anything back. Not whining, forcing, STEALING, and even accusing.

Just by reading this I feel really angered by those ungrateful rascals. Not even a little thanks? Shinhwa Forever is the best, and I really hope they will be back even though it will take years, I’ll still wait for them.

And I as their videos viewer was so blind and oblivious about their dillema. I’m really sorry.

Just want to say a ton of THANKS for Shinhwa Forever subteam if ever they read this. I don’t have tumblr so I write it here. Many will support you, whether you comeback or not.


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