Anime/Manga I Like

I never thought writing something like this since this late I really engross in Shinhwa, and proudly admit that I am a Shinhwa Changjo. Ok, that’s aside. I am actually anime/manga lover from the very start, SHCJ just recently and that because of my fujoshi instinct. Heehee.

Initially I was crazy over some animes/mangas, but lately I got a little, just a little bored of the animes.

Especially Bleach, really I can’t understand how Kubo somehow, and somewhen loses his own character sense. Or is it just me I don’t know. New characters show up and they have outrageous powers compared to the main characters. Otaku’s term says it IMBA. It’s sadly hardly logical. And the main character, Ichigo seems having ALL TYPES OF POWERS in Bleach’s universe. Shinigami, hollow/vizard, fullbring, and last now is quincy. For God’s sake it feels ridiculous. Even though it makes the main character appears POWERFUL, but it will make several readers sceptical, like me. I never have any problem with anime/manga like this before. And moreover, the manga has realllllllly slow pace, with so much space wasted per page.

The other animes are Fairy Tail and Naruto. I favor Fairy Tail the most, but Naruto is still worth waiting per week for it’s release. Bleach, I don’t even know why I still follow it.


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