Shinhwa’s Jun Jin Wants to Set Shin Hye Sung on a Date with his Grandmother

After revealing that they weren’t married due to their pickiness, the Shinhwa members went around and shared their ideal types of women through the years.

On December 2, jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast revealed each of the members’ ideal type of women by time periods.

At one point in 2000, Shin Hye Sung revealed that he wanted an adorable woman who always had knitting tools and handkerchiefs in her bag.

After hearing the descriptions of Shin Hye Sung’s ideal lady, Jun Jin spoke up and said, “I personally want to introduce Shin Hye Sung to my grandmother. She’s an expert at knitting and full of adorable charms.”

Making all the other members laugh, Jun Jin cleverly added, “She even won gold at a contest to show her aegyo in 1972.”

Shin Hye Sung said, “I like girls who are more feminine than boyish.”

Jun Jin on the other hand said he wants a girl who is energetic and bright in front of others, but quiet and calm in front of him. When the other members asked what kind of girl this is, Jun Jin replied, “A girl who’s slightly bi-polar,” making the group laugh at Jun Jin’s weirdness.

Photo Credit: jTBC

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