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‘Fairy Tail’ Anime Drawing To A Close – For Now?

According to a confirmed report via ANN, the ongoing series Fairy Tail looks like it’s about to come to a close at the end of March just as the new spring season gears up. Information was revealed via Kodansha’s TV Magazine that the series will air its final episode on March 30th, 2013. The show has typically […]

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Anime K Fanfiction

Ohohoho!! I got a new addiction for anime. It is K. More for the anime you may visit K wikia. I assure you this anime has all fujoshi fanservices. The main characters just scream “PAIRINGS!” Watch it and you’ll see my point. 

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Anime/Manga I Like

I never thought writing something like this since this late I really engross in Shinhwa, and proudly admit that I am a Shinhwa Changjo. Ok, that’s aside. I am actually anime/manga lover from the very start, SHCJ just recently and that because of my fujoshi instinct. Heehee.

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