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Suspicious K-Pop Pairing

I get this idea after reading a certain post, or comment, on a website about RicSung which basically said that RicSung is actually kinda suspicious. Well, almost all fanservices of course intended to flip us, fangirls, crazy and screaming. I definitely get giddy and somewhen giggle and chuckle whenever I see cute fanservices. But then, […]

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DongHae’s And EunHyuk’s Wikia Pages

Hohoho, I was lurking around the internet and found these pictures: I got EunHyuk’s from an entry in under the penname of yaoifangirl4ever. See here for the original post. And for DongHae’s, I got it from a conversation in twitter. @CaleeSo showed me. But nooo, they are not there anymore. Wikia has deleted those […]

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