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Shinhwa Broadcast with Super Junior (Eps 28 and 29)

Shinhwa broadcast episodes 28 (120922) and 29 (120929) were guested with Super Junior Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun. The two episodes filled with Shinhwa and SJ’s dorkiness, I won’t stop laughing and giggling and chuckling and snickering while watching the shows. They are very hillarious and ridiculous. Those grown up men doing childish […]

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SMTownINA at Jakarta (SJ Just Arrived)

Today, September 21st 2012, SM artists have arrived in Indonesia, Jakarta for precise. This is really a fresh wind for all SM artists fans, including ELFs. We feel so close to them, yet so far. Like me, I am in another land outside where Jakarta is. But live updates from twitter enough to feed my […]

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DongHae’s And EunHyuk’s Wikia Pages

Hohoho, I was lurking around the internet and found these pictures: I got EunHyuk’s from an entry in under the penname of yaoifangirl4ever. See here for the original post. And for DongHae’s, I got it from a conversation in twitter. @CaleeSo showed me. But nooo, they are not there anymore. Wikia has deleted those […]

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Shimshimtapa 110813, Eunhyuk Bullied Again

This one bully went a bit too far I guess. I mean,  I saw that Eunhyuk looked a bit effected by their words. SJ members kept calling him ugly and has less skill in singing. Well, in this event it seemed Shindong did most the talk, and honestly I feel a little resentment toward him […]

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YeHyuk Fic Planning

Before I have posted that I am going to post my KyuHyuk fic here, after I write them of course. But today after some random browsing I came to term that I like YeHyuk also. I don’t know why I tend to love crack pairs ==’, maybe because they like gems, precious and rare to […]

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KyuHyuk Sexy Acts

Oh my this video renders me spechless. Both are sexy in their own way. Personally Kyuhyun is more manly sexy, I was like gaping in front of my computer with fast beating heart. The look he gave in the show, a real ELF killer. Hahaha, this show practically gives me more reason to think Kyuhyun […]

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KyuHyuk Warm Pic

I found this picture long time ago but just now decide to upload it here. So clearly the credit is not mine.

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