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Why Are You So Pretty Shin Hyesung? [Photo Compilation]

He is so pretty~ How come a man be so pretty like him? I was so engrosed with the idea of pretty uke Hyesungie, so I collected some of his pretty uke quality pics on internet. Enjoy! Advertisements

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Bits of SMTown INA Jakarta

Yesterday (120922) was awesome! Even though I didn’t come to the concert but still I can feel the euphoria. The twitter updates from @SujuFor_ELFindo are enough for me. No, I wouldn’t be crazy and down because I couldn’t make it to the concert, I kept being happy and check the live updates and felt just […]

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SMTownINA at Jakarta (SJ Just Arrived)

Today, September 21st 2012, SM artists have arrived in Indonesia, Jakarta for precise. This is really a fresh wind for all SM artists fans, including ELFs. We feel so close to them, yet so far. Like me, I am in another land outside where Jakarta is. But live updates from twitter enough to feed my […]

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DongHae’s And EunHyuk’s Wikia Pages

Hohoho, I was lurking around the internet and found these pictures: I got EunHyuk’s from an entry in under the penname of yaoifangirl4ever. See here for the original post. And for DongHae’s, I got it from a conversation in twitter. @CaleeSo showed me. But nooo, they are not there anymore. Wikia has deleted those […]

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KyuHyuk Warm Pic

I found this picture long time ago but just now decide to upload it here. So clearly the credit is not mine.

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