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Andy’s FLV Joiner 0.6

This is different than any other posts I ever write, yet I hope it will be useful for those who like downloading videos of their bias on YouTube which mostly separated in several parts. It’s not that annoying to play all the video parts one by one, manually, or putting them in one playlist so […]

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Bits of SMTown INA Jakarta

Yesterday (120922) was awesome! Even though I didn’t come to the concert but still I can feel the euphoria. The twitter updates from @SujuFor_ELFindo are enough for me. No, I wouldn’t be crazy and down because I couldn’t make it to the concert, I kept being happy and check the live updates and felt just […]

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Shimshimtapa 110813, Eunhyuk Bullied Again

This one bully went a bit too far I guess. I mean,  I saw that Eunhyuk looked a bit effected by their words. SJ members kept calling him ugly and has less skill in singing. Well, in this event it seemed Shindong did most the talk, and honestly I feel a little resentment toward him […]

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KyuHyuk Sexy Acts

Oh my this video renders me spechless. Both are sexy in their own way. Personally Kyuhyun is more manly sexy, I was like gaping in front of my computer with fast beating heart. The look he gave in the show, a real ELF killer. Hahaha, this show practically gives me more reason to think Kyuhyun […]

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